Every piece of Good Girl Jewelry is designed and created by me. Each is hand cast by a small family-run company and hand finished and packaged by me personally. Every piece is designed and created with style and comfort in mind. Because so much love and care go into each order, it takes between two and four weeks for all shipments to go out.



All shipments are sent USPS Priority mail, 2-3 days for domestic and 6-10 days for international shipments. 


Refunds and Exchanges

Because each piece is made to order, I do not accept returns. I have provided detailed photos and descriptions so you know what you are getting. However, if your piece is damaged, I am willing to fix it for a small fee.



You may clean your piece with warm water and gentle handsoap. Polish with a soft polishing cloth. Avoid jewelry cleaners as they contain harsh chemicals and can damage jewelry. Because all of these items are made with natural materials, they have the tendency to tarnish when not worn. Wearing your piece regularly will ensure it remains clean and shiny. 

Oxidization is not always permanent although gentle care will ensure your finish remains for years to come. If your "antiqued" piece loses it's oxidation, you can return it to me for refinishing. 

Quartz crystals are formed naturally over millions of years. They are very powerful yet fragile. Treat your piece carefully and avoid dropping, banging or crushing it, which may damage your crystals. To protect your piece, it is best if you avoid wearing it in water, extreme heat or cold. 

Mood rings must remain dry at all times. Remove before bathing, swimming and washing your hands. Moisture may damage quality of the stone.